Who we are

Design Superheroes. Fresh Ideas, Conceived with Passion.

The Chambers Design spark was lit in 1995 (the same year that Toy Story, the first ever wholly computer generated movie, was created).

From humble beginnings on the Isle of Wight (probably wearing retro sportswear, listening to Britpop and sketching hand-drawn plans on a G-plan dining room table), there’s a reason our MD won B.P. Livewire entrepreneur of the year; Fresh Ideas, conceived with Passion.

Time moves on and although we do still have some G-plan icons in our offices, we now design multi-million pound visitor attractions worldwide.

As self-confessed design addicts, we want to do it all. We love design and believe we can do it better than anyone else. Our Ultra-ego design superhero has two missions;

  1. To design everything, and
  2. To right the design wrongs of the past

We are not really superheroes. We keep our briefs evolving, rather than over our tights! As artisans of the design world, we still draw with pencil, on a pad, cut out cereal boxes to make improvised models and get excited with the start of every new project, creating tirelessly with imaginative super-powers all the way to infinity and beyond…

We consider ourselves design super heroes but we make sure we keep our briefs on time, on budget and on spec, rather than over our tights!