Doodle Reef Sea Life Centre Kansas

A synthesis of creativity, learning and conservation

The Brief

To deliver an inspiring, imaginative space for visitors of all ages with a unique identity, using simple information and interactive elements to merge creativity, learning and conservation. Fish tanks and a new digital guest sketch interactive were to be incorporated. The guest was invited to use fish attributes, (such as Stripes, Spots etc. that enable survival), as inspiration to invent their own fish on iPads. These screen-invented fish would then be taken into animation, to appear as if swimming in a real tank amongst real fish, then onto a giant projection screen. The software enabled guests to interact with their fish by feeding them, getting them to move in certain directions etc.

The Challenge

Each creation station consisted of a number of iPads clustered around a real tank with live fish inside and a monitor screen embedded in the rock work to the rear of the tank. This all needed to appear seamless with the identity of the area, the wall graphics, tank housing as well as graphics on the digital and projection screens. Creature care operations had to be a major consideration, as well as the electronics and virtual aspects. In tandem, guest flow was also paramount whilst ensuring animal welfare was adhered to.

The Success

A unique, stimulating and vast stylised version of the undersea world, which is bright, exciting and engaging, providing a very strong identity to the space that stood apart from the rest of the attraction. It has proved a very popular display resulting in increased publicity and visitor numbers.