Splash Landings Hotel – Alton Towers

Water, water everywhere...


To create a new hotel and waterpark destination venue, that would open all year round and provide an all-weather, indoor water play space.


The story evolves around a Caribbean destination that is trying to control the water, meanwhile it is forever pouring onto the site. Therefore crazy contraptions, Heath Robinson style pipework and flotsam and jetsam have been used to stem the flow of water and direct it into the 'bay' at the rear of the hotel. This is a domed covered space that holds pools, flumes and water play equipment in a landscaped setting.
We worked hard to create the 'style' of the interior and the 'story' for each of the public areas. e.g. Ma Gumbo's Restaurant is constructed from all the items that have washed ashore in the bay - surfboards act as screens around the seating area and rusted hulls of boats form the server display. Significant features such as the "central atrium waterfall" and the "concierge desk plumbers car", were worked up in detail to add character and movement to the space. The exterior was designed to emulate a sun-bleached tropical village, thus cleverly disguising the true mass of the building from the outside.


An exciting family waterpark and hotel resort themed to a tropical lagoon, with indoor and outdoor interactive features that successfully showcases cross-platform theming.