Legoland Star Wars

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far away....


To create a themed LEGO walk-through in an existing space, that could encompass the full series of these iconic movies, in an immersive themed environment, combining LEGO models and animations.


Elements from the existing building needed to be considered and incorporated where possible, in order to maximise the cost effectiveness of the project. The settings of each model scene needed to carry on from the display plinth throughout the area and include lighting, sound, and 'show settings', which would be activated by guest control buttons. The theme of each area is dictated by the scene depicted on the display plinth and continues across all wall and floor surfaces. We also included incidental interactive moments - such as crawl-through tubes and LEGO build areas.


Each of the unique environments has been created to enhance the setting of the LEGO models, with tailored show sequences which bring the whole scene to life. They each feature a sound track, lighting effects and model animation. All sets and sequencing was worked out with a team of specialist contractors - from LEGO model builders to AV controllers and graphic designers.


This project won a Merlin award for the most successful attraction in the estate on opening.